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Romel Beck |#23|Second Guard / Small Forward

Nationality:  United States  /  Mexico
Height:  203cm / 6'8''
Age:  42
Current Team:  Garzas Guerreras

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Scout Report by Pierluigi Iliceto and Francesco Iliceto

General Info
Offensive-minded forward who drew a lot of attention in the past few seasons even from NBA teams after showing his skills at NCAA level before (played at UNLV) and with the Mexican NT later.
Spent most of his professional career in Italy playing both in Serie A and LegaDue, but he also had stints elsewhere, in Croatia, D-League and obviously Mexico.


  • Very talented scorer, with a wide bunch of moves to pile up buckets, definitely an exciting player to watch.
  • Really gifted athletically, he’s fast, quick and a great leaper too, an open court threat, but also capable to drain points against the defense set.
  • Although he’s mostly known for his ability to drive and attack his own man, he’s definitely a good shooter, with range and accuracy from long distance.
  • Capable to create his own shot thanks to his crafty ballhandling skills, as he crosses the dribble very quickly to outbalance defenders and go up for an accurate and difficult to guard pull-up jumper.
  • A lot more effective when he plays up-tempo, if he can run he’s virtually unstoppable.
  • A spectacular finisher in transition or fast breaks, thanks to his athleticism.
  • He’s fast, extremely coordinated and fluid and he really does a good job in protecting the ball, as he takes advantage of his long arms and jumps high to prevent defenders from contesting his layup.
  • Very quick and accurate execution coming off the screens.
  • He can create separation from his man through curls and then score with very smooth floaters.
  • When in motion, he can be very creative non only for himself – being an excellent slasher to the basket - but occasionally also for teammates.
  • Not equally comfortable with his feet set, despite his smooth touch.
  • But he’s dynamic and gives his best when he gets the ball in motion or attacking off the dribble.
  • His game shows an evident difference in terms of accuracy and overall impact between static and dynamic situations. 



  • Tends to force 1vs1 plays in narrow lanes relying on his athleticism and scoring skills.
  • Should be wiser in his selection and more team-oriented at times. 
  • Versatile as a scorer, but the same can’t be said on his overall game, as he doesn’t rebound or defend as you would expect from a guy of his length and athleticism.
  • Without the ball in his hands he sometimes disappears from the court.
  • Not an especially good passer, doesn’t set good picks, doesn’t go for the loose ball.
  • But he moves pretty well on offense to set himself free.
  • Not a good defender, he pays his skinny frame so he’s not physical and not capable to use the body effectively on his man.
  • Not a very good on ball defender, even if he could do some more considering his wingspan.
  • Probably also a matter of attitude, here.
  • Has been injury-plagued lately, that’s one of the main reasons why he couldn’t play at his full potential and so he’s not off his best season.




Bottom Line
Was an intriguing prospect who seemed to be on his way to turn into a potential star in one of the European’s premier leagues after his stint in Capo d’Orlando.
He didn’t really manage to bounce back at that level since, and he then experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years so that his development came to a stalemate.
He’s 29 now and his few last seasons have not been that successful.
So, what? The main impression is he’s not coming back to Italy, where he didn’t have the impact he was supposed to at LegaDue level, so he’ll likely have to move elsewhere and hopefully stay healthy to find a way to boost his career in a medium level league.

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